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Our Story 

Recipe for cuteness...... How does that happen exactly?

The idea popped up one March birthday in 2016 as gift for our mom. A silly little pink komaboko plush, cute and squishy with an exuberant expression. This little humorous plush brought lots of laughs but also, food heritage being very important to us, it brought lots of nostalgia and happy memories.  That was that, the door was open to the idea of bringing that same feeling to others, A bit of nostalgia and a smile. The name Wee Moochi is lovingly inspired by our dachshund who loves food too. We call her our little mooch which birthed the name; Wee, meaning small, and Moochi, meaning to collect. The beautiful thing about this name is it embodies just about anything that you can’t help but make your own.

For You

The smallest details make a recipe great...

All of our plushies will always be designed and crafted by us in our small shop in Virginia in even smaller batches to ensure their absolute quality and uniqueness. We hand paint the face on each doll which gives a hit of uniqueness that is special to each one, no two are alike.  We use the softest huggable fabrics, quality fluff to stuff with. A recipe for ultimate cuteness.

We will continue to imagine the little things in life into cute and enjoyable plush. This means that we will continue to expand our soft line of plush foods as well as exploring other lovable thing and creatures along the way.
We hope you find a little something that can make you or someone you love smile and continue to follow our journey of making those simple things cute.

tea party .jpg
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