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Zombie Spud


-  Limited Holiday Edition  -

- Sometimes during the Harvest a few potatoes are left in the ground. 

It's a wonder what happened to these spuds or how they managed to avoid the reapers. 
Some say they dissolve and turn into fertilizer for the soil.. Others say they just continue to grow.  

But there have been some stories that are much less pleasant.

It is also said that somewhere under ground certain spuds grow green and develop a mind of their own and strange appetite for potato starch.  Some have even seen them crawling around in search of only they know what. 

But whether this is a legend or the truth, we may never know. 

gr po3_1.jpg
gr po5_4.jpg
gr po4_2.jpg

Zombie Spud

What a wonderful little specimen! Zombie spuds run faster than you think. It took ages to find and catch this little spud. However, this specimen seems to be docile.  A lovely chemical green with little root tufts and glittering dazed gaze. Does it bite you ask? Ummm, no, no....I don't think so....

Special Edition Plush Includes

  • Draw String Bag

  • Limited Edition Clay Zombie Spud Pin

  • Extra Wee Mystery Goodies 

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