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Traveling around the world is not always something you can do...


 But you can almost always experience other cultures through their food

Enjoy food culture through WeeMoochi


plushies, buttons, keychains and more!


Nothing better then food you can squeeze

Bubble Tea Button 2
Meatballs Plushie
SPAM Plushie
Inari Sushi Plushie
Egg Dumplings Plushie
Mini Inari sushi Plushie
Roman & Ramyun Plushie
Roman & Ramyun Plushie
Americano Pin 1
Coffee Bean Plushie
Mini Inari Sushi Plushie
Mini Eggs and Bacon
Drink Collection (1) 1

About Us

Hawaiian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, are just a few of the cultures that have directly impacted the WeeMoochi staff. Being a family run company that has always greatly respected the different cultures that have helped us to be who we are. We seek to honor not only those that formed us, but also those that are deeply treasured by us and others.
Whether you are of the blood of the culture, raised 3rd culture, or just love someone else’s, we at WeeMoochi seek to spread and share the love of those cultures with cute, sweet, and wholesome Kawaii Food Plushies, Pins, Charms, and much more.

Colossians 3:23-24

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